Before Publishing

I never publish a pattern without first having it tested. And over the years I have found some amazing crocheters that help me make my patterns the best they can be.



I started crocheting in 2011 while I was pregnant with my first baby. I made lots of hats and a few scarves. Slowly I moved up to making loveys until I fell in love with Amigurumi in 2015. A little over a year after that I started on a new adventure, micro Amigurumi. I enjoy learning new skills and advancing my talents.

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I started crocheting six years ago, as part of my New Years resolution. I had been into cross-stitching for many years, but decided I wanted to learn how to really crochet. Thanks to YouTube and some online friends, I eventually learned how to read a crochet pattern. I opened my Facebook store a few years ago and sell everything from hats, to baby blankets, to all kind of amigurumi! Basically whatever somebody is looking for, I try to find a pattern so I can make it.

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My Name is Janelle P. I have been crocheting since I was 7 yrs old being taught by my mother, so I guess that would be for over 40 years! I simply love to create toys, dolls, animals and lace. Those are my big passion. My preferred medium is thread and I most enjoy making toys and doilies from vintage patterns I collect. My kids also keep me busy with video game characters they like best and I love to help out designers by testing their patterns and proof reading them. I enjoy testing patterns as I feel like I am helping someone become successful and that makes me feel great!