International Amigurumi Day, April 25th

When Marcia Scarpelli contacted me and told me about International Amigurumi Day, I jumped up and down at the idea.

She and her friend, Bianca Moraes, had been researching the history of the International Day of Crochet and found out that someone just started it because they wanted to. Well, Marcia and Bianca wanted to create an International Day to celebrate Amigurumi and here we are…

April 25th is now the official day to celebrate the wonderful art of amigurumi! And there are so many ways to celebrate!!!

Here are some fun ideas:

  1. Buy that amigurumi pattern that has been sitting in your cart forever. You know you want it! And April 25th is just the perfect day to get it.
  2. Get together with some other amigurumi lovers to crochet, share ami stories, etc.
  3. Create a collage of your favorite amis (you may want to make several collages; if you are like me, you have made hundreds of cute amis and you LOVE them all equally).
  4. Start a new ami project.
  5. Finish an ami project you have started ages ago.
  6. Write a post about why you love amigurumi.
  7. Introduce someone to amigurumi. Spread the LOVE!
  8. Display that ami collection you have! Show the world your love for amigurumi and your amazing talent!
  9. Learn a new technique! Advanced or beginners, there is always a lot to learn!
  10. Don’t forget to use the tags #amigurumiday #diadoamigurumi #amiday on social media to spread the news!

For more fun ideas on how to celebrate and a little more information about this holiday and amigurumi, head over to Sweet Softies. Jade wrote a wonderful and very informative post about this super special holiday!

Happy Amigurumi Day!!! 🙂

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