Apple Muffins (Cake)

This blog is for crochet mostly. But I also love baking. So I decided to share with you a few of my favorite recipes. I am not a professional baker. I am just typing these recipes the way my grandma and my mom have written them in their notebooks. I hope you like them. The … Continue reading Apple Muffins (Cake)

Sweet Strawberry

These tiny strawberries are very quick to make. You need under an hour to finish one (I am slow at crochet; some of you might need less than 30 minutes). But they are super cute! I am planning on making at least 10 and putting them in a small favor jar (the one in the … Continue reading Sweet Strawberry

Baby Penguin

This Baby Penguin pattern happened by accident. I was actually trying to make a little puppy but somewhere in the process, I decided that the puppy looks more like a penguin. I am loving this little guy! He is super cute and very, very quick to make. There is almost no sewing which to me … Continue reading Baby Penguin

Little Red Wagon

A while ago I had this idea to create an autumn elf pattern. Once I made the doll, however, I started adding to it – a dress, a shrug, a hat, hair… Then came the wagon. Of course, the little doll needed a wagon. How else would she gather acorns and leaves? The entire pattern … Continue reading Little Red Wagon

Igloo and Christmas Tree

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love making houses for my dolls. So, even before I made the polar bear (see my last post), I knew I was going to make an igloo for him. And since tomorrow it’s Christmas, I also had to make a Christmas tree. … Continue reading Igloo and Christmas Tree

Amigurumi Polar Bear

It’s almost Christmas and I wanted to create a tiny design that anyone can make. This little polar bear is super special. He is tiny and adorable and comes with his very own… Hmm… I think I will keep that a secret until next week.  NOTE: This pattern is designed by Diana Moore from PINK … Continue reading Amigurumi Polar Bear

Boîte Champignon Miniature (Modèle au Crochet)

Ce modèle a été traduit en Français par Sylvie Conil. Alors, l’autre jour j’ai fait un mignon petit elfe (qui fais seulement 2cm de haut) puis après, j’ai pensé que je devais à présent lui faire une petite maison rien qu’à lui. J’avais imaginé faire, depuis longtemps, une petite maison champignon pour une poupée et … Continue reading Boîte Champignon Miniature (Modèle au Crochet)

Sweet Little Bird

My daughter loves birds. So, for her birthday party, I made seven crochet birds – one for each of her guests. The kiddos loved them. My daughter likes to put hers in a little basket and walk around the house. I should make more because these cuties are perfect for a child to hold and … Continue reading Sweet Little Bird

Amigurumi Mouse

Since my blog is called Pink Mouse Boutique, I had to create a mouse pattern. And this one is super adorable and very easy and quick to make. You can use any color thread or yarn. These mice are perfect to teach the children in your life about numbers, colors, sorting, counting, etc. The fun … Continue reading Amigurumi Mouse

Black Halloween Cat

This is one of the very first patterns I wrote. It took me four years to finally take the pictures and actually write it properly so others can make the little kitty too. This is a very quick and easy pattern. It is perfect if you are new to crochet or miniatures. Materials: Aunt Lydia’s … Continue reading Black Halloween Cat

Miniature Balloons

I love making mini balloons. They are perfect for any occasion. Or no occasion at all. And they are super easy and quick to make. If you are new to using thinner threads and smaller hooks, this might be the perfect starter pattern for you.  Materials: Aunt Lydia’s size 10 thread (colors of your choice) … Continue reading Miniature Balloons

Miniature Ice Cream Cone

I love summer for so many reasons – the beach, the sun, the delicious ice cream… I know you can get ice cream any time of the year but wouldn’t you agree that in the hot summer months, ice cream is especially yummy?! So, in celebration of the hot summer months, here’s a recipe for … Continue reading Miniature Ice Cream Cone