Sweet Little Bird

My daughter loves birds. So, for her birthday party, I made seven crochet birds – one for each of her guests. The kiddos loved them. My daughter likes to put hers in a little basket and walk around the house. I should make more because these cuties are perfect for a child to hold and great for learning colors or counting.


  1. Red Heart worsted weight yarn – 2 colors
  2. Boye crochet hook – size G
  3. Solid black eyes – 6 mm
  4. Stuffing
  5. Sewing needle


  1. Crochet in continuous rounds.
  2. Use the invisible decrease technique.
  3. Crochet with the right side out.


mr – magic ring

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

st(s) – stitch(es)

yo – yarn over

sl st – slip stitch


Leave a long tail (you’ll make feathers later).

Round 1: mr, ch 1, 6 sc in the ring – 6 sts

Pull yarn to close the mr.

Round 2: 6 inc – 12 sts

Round 3: (sc, inc) x 6 – 18 sts

Round 4: (2 sc, inc) x 6 – 24 sts

Rounds 5 – 7: 24 sc

Round 8: (3 sc, inc) x 6 – 30 sts

Round 9: (4 sc, inc) x 6 – 36 sts

Round 10: (5 sc, inc) x 6 – 42 sts

Rounds 11 – 13: 42 sc

Round 14: (5 sc, dec) x 6 – 36 sts

Round 15: (4 sc, dec) x 6 – 30 sts

Round 16: (3 sc, dec) x 6 – 24 sts

Round 17: (2 sc, dec) x 6 – 18 sts

Put the eyes on round 7. Leave 3 sts between them.

Round 18: (sc, dec) x 6 – 12 sts

Stuff the bird.

Round 19: 6 dec x 6 – 6 sts

Fasten off.

Do not secure the stitches just yet. First, we will make the feathers on top of the head.



The feathers are made on top of the head of the bird. I made three feathers using the long tail I left before starting the magic ring.

Insert hook anywhere you want on top of the head (I keep it close to where the tail starts), YO, pull and sl st. Now make a ch of 6 or 7 (this is the smaller feather). Insert hook in same st you started, YO, pull and sl st. Make a ch of 10 or 11 (bigger feather). Insert hook where you started, YO, pull and sl st. Fasten off.

You can make the feathers longer by making longer chains.

Now you can finish off and secure the stitches. If you are not sure how to do that, follow the tutorials here:

The Ultimate Finish for Amigurumi

Secure Stitching


You’ll make the beak a row below the eyes in the 3 sts between them. I start by making an outline (a little triangle). After you make the outline, you can keep sewing until you fill in the beak. I usually sew right in the middle (from the bottom of beak until very top).

And voila! You have a cute little crochet bird.

I hope you like this pattern. It’s the very first one I ever made.

Happy Crochet!

Pictures were taken by my very talented friend Kristen Willden. 

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